Megan McIntyre is a fifth year PhD candidate in the Rhetoric and Composition program at the University of South Florida. Her research interests include rhetoric and technology and writing program administration. Her dissertation focuses on the social media responses to the Boston Marathon Bombing and what those responses tell us about enacting rhetorical and material agency in the digital age.

On Postpedagogy and Materialism

"We are left with the question of what kind of pedagogy would be resonant with the postmodern world, seeking a performative mode that does not depend on reproduction of the authoritative/authorizing voice?" - Thomas Rickert, Acts of Enjoyment

"Freedom becomes the right not to be deprived of ties that render existence possible, ties emptied of all ideals of determination, a false theology of creation ex nihilo." - Bruno Latour, On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods

"A pedagogy of laughter invites them to hesitate, to strain to hear the noise, the static that gets drowned out by the booming call of the One. It invites them to Become Legion..." - Diane Davis, Breaking (Up) at Totality

"Neither conscious intention nor free will - at least as we commonly think of them - is involved in acting or bringing about change: though the world changes in response to individual action, agents are very often not aware of their intentions, they do not directly cause changes, and the choices they make are not free from influence from their inheritance, past experiences, or their surround." - Marilyn Cooper, "Rhetorical Agency as Emergent and Enacted"


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